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About Seth and Elizabeth

Seth Hackler of Quilting on a Budget and Elizabeth Townsend Gard of Just Wanna Quilt both love quilting, their families, and the U.S.

Seth is a Republican and is a truck driver. Elizabeth is a Democrat and teaches at a university.   We have come together to start Million Masks a Day.

Please help our medical community help us.  Sew for our country.  Anyone can make these.  Get your kids involved.  Sew them for your neighbors.

These are not perfect.  We need them NOW because of the medical community is ASKING FOR THEM.   Let's make as many as we can until we are through at least the mask crisis.  There are other things you can make too.  Scrub Caps, to name one.

If you need to contact us, we both have Facebook groups:

Seth:  Quilting on a Budget with Seth 

Elizabeth: Just Wanna Quilt (and Podcast)


We have our Quilting Army, of course.  But we also have key people.

Edith Gross, a quilter and former teacher is helping.  

Judy Walker, a sewist, quilter and journalist.  

Ricardo Gonzales, J.D., Tulane, and also Editor-in-Chief of Just Wanna DIY series of books (and has a trained virologist).

Manal Amed, J.D. expected 2020, Tulane Law School.

Sid Gard, and her company Eyeridium that helped us with the website.

We have students, family and friends also helping with the site.  

About the Project

The project is also about tracking this moment in our history, and what the quilt and sewing community did/are doing.  This is part of a large project, Just Wanna Quilt: the role of law in creativity.  All information gathered will be used to better understand that intersection, and may be included in research and publications.

Dr. Elizabeth Townsend Gard is a law professor at Tulane Law School.  She is also a Lepage Faculty Fellow at the A.B. Freeman School of Business, and the Greenbaum Fellow at the Newcomb Institute.   The project is part of her ongoing research.  She can be reached at